A Legend of Muli Kingdom

Dedicated to my brother Natalia Maholanyi and my role model Joseph Rock.

Holga / Kodak 200


  1. karosh

    07.02.2013, 02:07

    Hello Ted! Thanx for your message. Is there any chance to watch your film? Any DVD release? Regards! Jan

  2. Ted Vaill

    11.12.2012, 22:08

    My film "finding Shangri-La" debuted at the Cannes film Festival in 2007. We first visited here in 1989, when no one knew about it. We have been back four times since. This is our Shangri-La and Hilton's model for it.

  3. malala

    12.12.2011, 23:08

    oh puca, to bol teda vylet k nezaplateniu.super foto, hlavne Lama v zltom svetriku.:-)

  4. Hasei - 波靜

    12.12.2011, 11:50

    Luxusní sada! Těžko najít favorita - bratr mezi chilli papričkami?-D




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