This is actually my favourite activity right now. After almost eight years of studying, I am still in a process of learning massive amounts of new words and phrases - and I guess this will never cease. I actively teach Chinese (group/individual), I translate in both directions (proofreading is already included in the price) and I am able to interpret almost anything, if you would be able to provide me materials at least one weekend in advance.


Translator and proofreader.

20.06.2017, 08:00

Interacta Travel s.r.o.

Translation of the data in reservation system and website.

20.06.2017, 08:05


Lektor čínského jazyka.

22.04.2016, 17:14

ASAP Travel s.r.o.

Translator and Interpreter.

22.04.2016, 17:11

Wings Travel


16.08.2014, 01:47

ICZ Ltd.

Translation of promotional materials.

16.08.2014, 01:46

Integration Centre of Prague

Interpreter and translator.

16.08.2014, 01:44

9 Gates Festival


16.08.2014, 01:42

Škoda Transportation, a.s.

Interpreter in a project of tramways for Chinese company CSR Sifang.

16.08.2014, 01:38

Czech Technical University in Prague

Chinese language teacher.

16.08.2014, 00:23

University of Economics, Prague

Chinese language teacher.

16.08.2014, 00:20
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