A Temple of Silence

Unforgettable place - Jiudingshan 九顶山.

Druopta Efekta / Kodak Ektar 100

How to describe this place... I have already forgotten a lot of details, partly due to the lack of oxygen in the approximate elevation of 4000 - 5000 m. We have spent 3 amazing days up there, weather was mostly very kind to us. The exception was the last night, when a strong wind came and blew us nearly away down to the valley. The other day there was a thick fog, so descent was kind of dangerous. Jiudingshan will unfortunately never be the same. An asphalt road was under construction at the time we were climbing up. Swarms of chinese tourists are probably gonna fill this place very soon. What a pity!


  1. karosh

    18.01.2012, 13:50

    hasei: jaku je tam spousta, staci se jen poradne divat! :)

  2. Hasei - 波靜

    18.01.2012, 10:45

    Jaka, vzduch ani cordyceps tam nevidím ... prostě jako v Roháčích :-D

  3. Albrecht K.

    17.01.2012, 11:34

    Krása, brácho =) Jestli si někdo zaslouží vidět tyhle věci naživo, tak seš to ty.

  4. karosh

    16.01.2012, 13:47

    hasei: v rohacich nejsou jaci, ani cordyceps sinesis a je tam vic vzduchu! :) ditu3e: jak kdy :)

  5. DitaHavr

    16.01.2012, 13:26

    pěkně to kreslí..

  6. Hasei - 波靜

    16.01.2012, 13:19

    Jak v Roháčích!-) Efektní efekty z Efekty :-D




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