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Chinese streetart

Chinese civilisation invented a lot of things. Gunpowder, compass, chinaware... Did you know they also invented streetart? Sure they did! Newspaper sticked to the wall, Walls of Democracy or dazibao 大字报, all of these thing can be known under the label "Made in China". Let's visit together the amaying world of streetart, which may be not so clearly visible on the first sight, but its much more spontaneous, lively and practical in comparison with those known from our own panel walls. No matter if it is horizontal or vertical... Snapped by lomo LC-A, approximately half of this gallery comes from the electronics of digital camera.


  1. Mikuláš

    25.05.2012, 12:34

    Džin se šulínem rulez! Trošku pobuřující, v takové konzervě jako je Čína :)

  2. M*Dr. L

    29.02.2012, 21:01

    Pěkné, pěkné...

  3. Hasei - 波靜

    29.01.2012, 22:30

    Můj favořiť je campus - věž s prádlem ...

  4. Bo Jing - 波静

    29.01.2012, 22:20

    Žák má našlápnuto na to, aby se skoro vyrovnal mistrovi :-D Kul!




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