CzechTekk - a happening against a police brutality

This is a result of the police brutality. Many protests during the last days happened in all bigger cities of Czech Republic. What happened? Czech police, using tear gas, water cannons and rough power against CzechTek party participants and visitors. Many people were injured on the both sides. The CzechTek was situated on the south of Czech Republic on a legally rented field, which has its own road to it. Police blocked the road and caused, that on the highway stucked many cars and of course blocked the way, because this road is the last exit before the German border. Police made the visitors to commit a crime, because they had no choice and they crossed the fields, which weren''t rented. And that was pretext to the brutal bloody intervetnion.', 'During the last days the prime minister of Czech Republic, and the minister of the interior are obviously lying in afford to justify this act. The government still didn''t explain this things to the public. Enough is enough. We must confess, that we are still living in a police state, where police is still bothering normal people and is not able to deal with the REAL crime and criminals. The change must come. But I am not sure, if this affords of people, this protests, will have some influence. Because the politicians of the Czech Republic can''t resign, they will hold tight there and they will still take horendous money as long as it will be possible. For more information about this case please visit official website of the public protest.


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