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Interview with Deeder Zaman

One day I asked Deeder Zaman, producer, founder of the band Rebel Uprising, former Asian Dub Foundation member and successful lyricist and MC, if he would mind if I ask him a few questions. He wasn't against it, better to say that he agreed with my suggestion, so I had written him an e-mail with questions - and one day later I had it back - with carefully filled responses...

In what age did you first pick up the microphone?
6th century bc, was the only time god would give birth to me (out of order I know) - age nine.

You joined Asian Dub Foundation in 1993, when you were 13 years old... How come, that Das & co. would cooperate with such a young boy (no offense)?
It was a good time, Das & co cooperated with me cos i asked if they'd be up for it, they said yes.

You joined ADF - what was your first expectations?
Tell you truth - I didn't expect anything, i jus' (as you do) got on with it...

You spent 8 years touring with ADF... No doubt, that these years were a big experience for you. But... What was making you sick with this kind of live..?
I wasn't sick of it, infact some of them were the best years of my life, I left cos i needed a break, I'd been on the road from a young age (a little boy as you say) so it made sense. The question is would I have ever gone back.

How were those 8 years? Can you describe it a bit chronologically?
Deeder: 1st year I learnt to walk, 2nd year I could walk the walk, 3rd year I could sprint, 4th year I took loads of drugs, e's and weed, never coke, 5th year I started an open uni course whilst jet-lagged on tour, 6th year Rafi's revenge was out, that's when we started on community music, 7th year I quit the course, by the 8th year I'd filled my whole wardrobe with thieved hotel towels, thanks to all the managers, hope to see you soon!

Were you on a highschool? And how about further studies? Didn't you ever think about it?
Yeah I thought about it, I study everyday and would actually love to study further like a video production course...

Okay... You left ADF, because you were sick of touring, right? What was your plan then? And how was that time anyway... Can you imagine your life without makin' music?
Can you imagine life without air? Music is my channel, we move mountains with this stuff.

After 18 months you founded Rebel Uprising band... Who are the other members / collaborators?
Freshmints, Clotaire K, Ghetto Priest, Benjamin Z, but not all are on the first album... Members: Dennis Rootical, Pashion, Alok and Peter.

It exists for 3 years now, you made 5 gigs - how big is your repertoire?
There is about 3 people, who don't know us, we're going round their houses tonight, don't tell them, see wot they do ;-). We jus' keep building it up...

This summer you will release your first album... Who is your producer? Where are you recording it? Will that be available outside of UK? How many tracks can we expect and what is the name of the album?
The name of the album is still to be decided, you can expect anywhere from 12 to 20 tracks. Myself and Pashion are the main producers, we've already recorded the majority of the album at the RU studios; the rest may take place at jet star or the strongrooms; we're still to decide, i'm sure you'll be able to pick it up outside of UK!

Are you planning some european/world tour in the (near) future?
I'm sure of it!

What is the band's goal? It will be hard be as famous as ADF was/is...
Wot, not as hard as Mohammed Singh Azard :-O

Have you ever thought of collaboration with your brother Sam (State of Bengal)?
I was a member of State of Bengal in the early years, we recently put a track together called "Who's to Blame?"...

Are you satisfied with your recent life? Some messege to our readers?
There's no other reader like yourself so keep reading cos Mr. karosh is a great guy to read specially when he's vexed...

Damn right! Thanx a lot for interview, Dee!


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