When I came near to Roxy on THE day, I saw, I (near-to-fifty-coffin-man) am wrong on place, I was WAY the oldest sucker around, (my dear friend ROP some 15 year younger than me was the second one of this sort) everywhere young hiphop people wearing wu-wear-alike stuff, showing, that hiphop is THE fuckin' way of living, not only music ... but what a heck. I survived the stupid typical Roxy organisation on the beginning, worked out throught the not very neat and customer oriented bothering bodyguards to the stage, spent there allmost two hours waiting for .... what? For the absofuckinglutely ultimate RZA and WU show, U know what I mean! Who was not there, shame on them, they missed totally crazy blow out of WU hiphop,
superb DJ Sueside, okay Cilvaringz, lovely sinnging and hot (WHRRRAAAMMYEAAAH!) Tekitha, rulling RZA with WU support, such as Mastah Killah etc... There is fucking nothing to add, just enjoy the photoz... PEACE!



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