To preserve healthy body and mind, I need to be constantly on the move. Right now I oscillate between two completely different landscapes - Cool Mountains and Hong Kong. Acting as excellent storytellers, the spirits of past and present still haunt these places and write their texts into minds of locals.

The Future is Out There

Holga 120 GCFN / Shanghai 100

20.05.2012, 03:29 #Analog  

Im in Prague

15.05.2012, 16:40 #Food  #Prague  #Czech Republic  

One of the Last Real Hippies

Holga 120 GCFN / Kodak 100

03.05.2012, 23:03 #Chengdu  #China  #Analog  

I Feel Turquoise

Efekta / Kodak Portra 160

25.04.2012, 15:04 #Langzhong  #China  #Analog  

Tulou of Fujian

Efekta / Ilford PAN

19.04.2012, 13:17 #China  #Mountains  #Hukeng  

Dog Days in the Cool Mountains

Efekta / Shanghai 100

13.04.2012, 13:22 #Yi (and Nuosu) people  #Festivities  #Bimo and suni  

Amid the Clouds and Mist

Guizhou province is a bit gloomy during the winter. But during the various festivals it is full of colours. Efekta / Ilford 然400

02.04.2012, 16:24 #Analog  #Mountains  #Guizhou  

Burma Road

Holga 120 GCFN / Kodak E100


Holga 120 GCFN / Kodak E100

22.03.2012, 14:44 #Sichuan  #Statues and temples  #Tibetans  

A tragedy of Lugu lake

Holga 120 GCFN / Kodak E100 / Shanghai GP3 100

16.03.2012, 17:49 #Lugu lake  #Analog  #Sichuan  

Kim Ki-duk

Lomo LC-A / Kodak 200 / Fucked Up By CrossProcess™

12.03.2012, 02:02 #Sichuan  #China  #Analog  

Sunim‘s favourite places

Lomo LC-A / Kodak 200

05.03.2012, 00:32 #China  #Analog  #Imprints of the Past  

Chengdu's Red Banner

Chengdu's new city flag. It expresses everything that makes this city so famous! Light was leaked thru Holga 120 GCFN! Fucked Up By CrossProcess™

06.02.2012, 22:49 #Chengdu  #Sichuan  #China  

Lomo LC-A Pictus Sinensis

Lomo LC-A camera is known as a cult tool for lomography. By this camera it all began. Aside from that, it is a truly amazing camera. Good old soviet (bootleged) technology. The photos it produces are somewhat unique, even without lomographic "verdigris". See for yourselves!

23.01.2012, 02:13 #Analog  #Lijiang  #Pixian  

Chinese streetart

Chinese civilisation invented a lot of things. Gunpowder, compass, chinaware... Did you know they also invented streetart? Sure they did! Newspaper sticked to the wall, Walls of Democracy or dazibao 大字报, all of these thing can be known under the label "Made in China". Let's visit together the amaying world of streetart, which may be not so clearly visible on the first sight, but its much more spontaneous, lively and practical in comparison with those known from our own panel walls. No matter if it is horizontal or vertical... Snapped by lomo LC-A, approximately half of...

22.01.2012, 21:39 #Fujian  #Analog  #Yunnan  
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